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The aim of the present research was the study of several physico-chemical and hygienic characteristics of Caprino d'Aspromonte goat's cheese, made from raw milk, which was sampled at the end of the ripening time (4 weeks), both in winter and in spring. The following ranges of variability were observed for each parameter: pH 5.25-5.89, dry matter 49.89%-67.07%, crude protein 21.12%-42.32% dry matter, fat 43.85%-54.03% dry matter, chloride content 2.06%-5.44% dry matter, total coliforms 0-5.04 log cfu g^{-1}, faecal coliforms 0-4.96 log cfu g^{-1}, yeasts 2.60-4.95 log cfu g^{-1}. These values were similar to those of other Mediterranean goat's milk cheeses with an analogous ripening time. The present data could constitute basic information useful for improving and promoting Caprino d'Aspromonte, as well as for defining its production.


Goat's cheese, raw milk, seasonal changes

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