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This study was carried out to detect and compare the prevalence of bovine Theileria and Babesia species in the vicinity of Kayseri by microscopic examinations (ME) and reverse line blotting (RLB). A total of 337 cattle usually grazed on pasture in 13 different regions of Kayseri were sampled randomly. Blood samples were collected into tubes containing EDTA from jugular veins. Thin blood smears were prepared from ear capillaries. On microscopic examination of smears, 51 (15.1%) were positive for piroplasms. In the RLB assay, 61 (18.1%) were positive for T. annulata and 3 (0.9%) for T. buffeli/orientalis. Two (0.6%) of the animals were infected with B. bigemina and also had a concurrent infection of T. annulata. No animals were positive for B. bovis or B. divergens. The differences between ME and RLB results were statistically significant (P < 0.05).


Theileria, Babesia, cattle, RLB, blood smears

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