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An 11-year-old female terrier brought to our clinic was diagnosed with chondroma located on the caudolateral side of the right distal humerus. During the clinical examination of the dog, swelling and lameness were observed on right forelimb. Following the operation, the subject had no lameness after removing the mass. Postoperative follow-up was done by phone with the owner of the patient in 6th and 12th months, and no lameness and swelling in the region was reported. The tumoral mass was removed easily from underlying tissue without any attachment during the operation. The tissue sample from the specimen was routinely processed and stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin for histopathological examination. The tumoral mass was 5 x 3.4 x 1.9 cm in size, 25 g in weight and hard in texture. Cross sections of the mass were white and had a multilobulated appearance surrounded by connective tissue. The histological examination showed that the tumoral mass was divided into lobules by a thin fibrous stroma. The neoplastic cells were uniform in shape and size, and they were composed of well-differentiated mature chondrocytes. While the tumoral mass was poorly vascularized with a few foci of necrotic areas, mitosis was not observed within the tumoral cells.


Chondroma, dog, pathology

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