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The seroprevalence of Brucellosis in human, sheep, and cattle populations was investigated in rural regions of Kırıkkale in Turkey. Serum samples were obtained from 1436 humans, and 3.2% (46) of the population was found to be positive by Rose Bengal Plate test (RBPT) and 3.0% (43) gave positive results with the standard tube agglutination test (STAT). Immunoglobulin class analysis of RBPT-positive sera using the ELISA test gave positive results for 33 people (75%) with Brucella ELISA IgG and for 11 people (25%) with Brucella ELISA IgM. The evaluation of 804 serum samples, which were obtained from 301 cattle and 503 sheep, showed 6.47% (52) seropositivity with RBPT. Additionally, all animals were found to be positive with STAT. The seropositivity was 1% and 8 %, respectively, in serum samples obtained from 301 cattle and 503 sheep with the complement fixation test (CFT), which was used as the confirmatory test.


Brucellosis, seroprevalence, human, cattle, sheep

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