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We investigated the effect of ATP-MgCl_2 on myocardial hemodynamics and ultrastructure. In the in vitro study, left ventricular systolic and diastolic pressures and dp/dt values were significantly high in the ATP-MgCl_2 group beginning from 0.5 h of the reperfusion period. In the ATP-MgCl_2 group, at the end of the third hour, systolic and diastolic pressure values were 80.0 ± 6.2 and 75.2 ± 7.2 mmHg, while in the control group they were 18.4 ± 7.7 and 7.5 ± 6.8 mmHg (P < 0.05). In the ultrastructural analysis, myofibrillary damage was observed in both groups, but the mitochondrial pathologic changes were clearer in the control group. The electron microscopic score was 0.40 ± 0.061 in the ATP-MgCl_2 group and 1.2 ± 0.039 in the control group (P < 0.001). The hemodynamic and ultrastructural parameters of the specimens investigated in this study revealed that the usage of ATP-MgCl_2 may be beneficial in coping with ischemia-reperfusion damage. In the near future, with the help of more comprehensive studies, ATP-MgCl_2 is expected to be used routinely because of its potential benefits.


In vitro perfusion, ischemia-reperfusion damage, myocardium, ATP-MgCl_2

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