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Daily microgrowth was determined in the otoliths of common dentex (Dentex dentex, Linneaus, 1758) larvae reared in 24 h illumination culture conditions. Microgrowth in otoliths was measured from the first mouth-opening stage of larvae on day 3 to the end of the larval stage on day 32. The sagitta and lapillus were present and were equal in size in newly hatched larvae, but the sagitta grew faster than the lapillus during further larval development. The first size increments in otoliths were observed at 4.25-4.99 mm total length of larvae (day 11). Structural development of the rostrum edge occurred on the sagitta on day 25. A polynomial relationship was found in daily lapillus growth and daily sagitta growth. This relationship was more pronounced daily lapillus growth compared to daily sagitta growth (P < 0.05). A strong positive allometry was found between sagitta and lapillus growth (r = 0.89) and between total length and lapillus growth (r = 0.98). Overall, the results obtained until the metamorphosis stage showed that there is a positive allometric relationship between total length and daily growth increments in otoliths of this species.


Common dentex, Dentex dentex, otolith, daily growth, larvae

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