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Sera of 50 goats, 3 horses, 1 dog, and 6 herdsmen were analyzed for the presence of antibodies against Listeria monocytogenes by the Osebold agglutination assay on a commercial farm in Akyurt, Ankara. Some of the goats exhibited clinical signs such as apathy, unilateral facial paralysis, incoordination, and abortion. Of the goat samples, 23 (46%) were seropositive and 10 (20%) were at the level of the suspected titer and 17 (34%) were below the cut-off titer in this assay. All horses, the dog and 5 herdsmen were seropositive. The analysis of cerebro-spinal fluid, taken from an agonic goat whose antibody titer was 1/400, revealed a total leukocyte count of 1000 white blood cells per decaliter and total protein of 228.4 mg/dl. The results of this study suggest that listeriosis is prevalent in different animal species and humans, and this infection should be considered by both veterinarians and public health officials.


Listeriosis, goat, Osebold method

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