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Some biological characteristics and the stock size of the pike (Esox lucius L., 1758) population in Lake Karamık were investigated between March 2002 and February 2003. The percentages of males and females in the population were 67.2% and 32.8%, respectively. Although fish samples ranged in age group from I to VII and from 15 to 66 cm in fork length, most of them were in age groups I-II and had fork lengths of 20-29 cm. The mean condition factor of the pike population was 0.812. In the population, the condition factors of females were higher than those of males. The condition factors of both sex groups increased with age. The total mortality, natural mortality and fishing mortality rates and the exploitation rate were Z = 1.28 year^{-1}, M = 0.19 year^{-1}, F = 1.09 year^{-1}, and E = 0.85 year^{-1}, respectively. The mean fish number over 15 cm in length in the population and their mean biomass were 295,836 individuals and 49,729 kg, respectively. It was determined that the present fishing effort should be decreased by 60% for maximum sustainable yield (42,273 kg).


Pike, size composition, growth, mortality rate, stock

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