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The effects of homeopathy on pseudopregnancy in bitches were investigated. Thirty clinically pseudopregnant bitches were used. Fifteen dogs were treated by homeopathy and the remaining animals received placebo treatment. Thuja D30 globules, which contain Thuja Occidentalis, were given orally (8 globules, 3 times a day) as a homeopathic agent. Clinical response was evaluated every 5 days. Maximum duration of the treatment was 3 weeks. Physical changes in mammary glands and behavioral response were evaluated during the treatment. Animals were classified as +1, +2 and +3 according to physical changes in the mammary glands. In addition to qualitative examination, longitudinal and transversal mammary gland dimensions were measured by a caliper compass. Complete recovery in both physical and behavioral signs was observed in all animals in the treatment group. Mean duration of treatment was 13.67 ± 5.50 days. Average regression in mammary gland dimensions in the treatment group was 3 times that of the control group on day 10. No side effects were observed in the treatment group. It is concluded that homeopathic Thuja D30 may be used effectively and safely as an alternative to common pharmacological agents in pseudopregnant bitches. Taking its advantages into account, homeopathy has the potential to be used in pseudopregnant bitches.


Bitch, homeopathy, Thuja D30, pseudopregnancy

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