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Twenty-four virulent bacteriophages isolated from raw milk and whey samples were characterised by structural protein composition and bacteriophage DNA restriction endonuclease fragments. Twenty-four lactococcal bacteriophages were possessed among 24-31 total structural proteins with molecular masses of 6.5-208.9 kDa and 2-8 major structural proteins with molecular masses of 6.5-38 kDa. Lactococcal bacteriophages were classified as 5 different groups by total structural proteins and 4 different groups by major structural proteins. The genome sizes of bacteriophages were estimated between 19.6 and 39 kb. Twenty-four lactococcal bacteriophages were classified into 8 groups based on the same restriction endonuclease recognition and restriction sites on the lactococcal bacteriophage genomes.


Lactococcus lactis, bacteriophage, protein profile, restriction analysis

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