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The present study aimed to determine the relative catch efficiencies of two different fish traps in İskenderun Bay. Trap model A had an entrance supported by a hoop, whilst the entrance of model B was unsupported. Fieldwork was carried out in Pirinçlik-Madenli Bight (İskenderun Bay) between 15 July and 15 November 2001. Forty basket traps were set each day during the 124-day study period. Overall 1242 individuals, 16 species and 11 families of fish and commercial invertebrates were recorded. The total biomass was 317.73 kg. Fishing effort, irrespective of trap models was 0.25% and the highest catch weight was in August, September and October. The amount of by-catch (0.04 kg) and discards (0.07 kg) were quite low.

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