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In veterinary medicine determination of heart size is important in evaluating patients with heart disease. In this study heart sizes were compared with thoracic vertebrae in 120 clinically normal Turkish shepherd dogs (42 female) without thoracic radiographic abnormalities. It was aimed to determine the heart sizes of Turkish shepherd dogs according the vertebral heart size (VHS). Lateral radiographs were obtained. Lengths of the long and short axis were determined with a ruler in millimeters. The dimensions were scaled against the length of the vertebrae beginning with the fourth thoracic vertebra. Mean ± standard deviation (SD) vertebral heart sizes were 9.7 ± 0.67 vertebrae, mean ± SD long axis dimensions were 5.24 ± 0.39 vertebrae and mean ± SD short axis dimensions 4.46 ± 0.38 vertebrae. The vertebral heart size method is easy to use and objective for clinical practice.


Vertebral heart size, Turkish shepherd dog, Kangal, canine.

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