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The aim of this study was to detect some anabolic (zeranol, trenbolone, diethylstilbestrol, clenbuterol) residues in meat and meat products marketed in Istanbul. In the study, a total of 60 samples (30 fresh meat and 30 meat products) were obtained from different markets and used as test materials. The anabolic residues in the sample extracts were detected by ELISA. Initially, recovery tests were performed and then residues of one or more anabolics were analyzed in all samples. Among anabolizing residues studied, zeranol was detected in all samples (100%), trenbolone was detected in 48 samples (80%) and diethylstilbestrol was detected in 21 samples (35%) whereas no clenbuterol residues were detected in any of the samples. The results indicated that the level of zeranol and diethylstilbestrol in considerable part of samples found to be more than the acceptable limits. Therefore, meat and meat products with excessive levels of anabolics might be harmful for the consumer. In conclusion, the use of anabolic agents in animal husbandry in Turkey must be strictly controlled.


Anabolic, residues, meat, meat products, ELISA

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