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In this study, 30 geriatric dogs of different breeds, ages, and sex (15 females, 15 males) with suspected heart diseases were evaluated. All dogs were examined clinically, radiographically, and ultrasonographically. Thoracic radiography revealed cardiomegaly in 5 cases, right atrial dilatation in 7 cases, right ventricular dilatation in 5 cases, left atrial dilatation in 1 case, and left ventricular dilatation in 2 cases. 2-D echocardiography permitted direct visualization of pericardial effusion in 4 cases, cardiac hypertrophy in 1 case, right atrial dilatation in 1 case, vegetative mass lesion in 1 case, and cardiomegaly in 2 cases. Color Doppler Imaging were revealed mitral valve insufficiency in 6 cases, tricuspid valve insufficiency in 2 cases, and atrial septal defect (ASD) in 1 case. In conclusion, for the reliable diagnosis of the heart diseases, radiographical, echocardiographical, and color-Doppler examinations must be performed systematically. Radiographical examinations provide limited information especially intracardiac disorders, and it is possible to learn more about the intracardiac disorders and degenerative valve lesions are defined clearly by echocardiography and color Doppler examinations.


Radiography, echocardiography, color Doppler, heart, geriatric dog

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