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In this study, normal fundoscopic variations and genetic retinal diseases of Turkish sheepdogs (Akbash and Kangal) have been assessed. According to comparative results obtained from 35 Akbash and 35 Kangal dogs, it was determined that blue tapetal regions were present at a rate of 65% in the Akbash breed and yellow-green tapetal regions were present at a rate of 60% in the Kangal breed. No fundoscopic or clinical sign suggesting albunism, subalbunism or progressive retinal atrophy was observed in either group. However, multifocal retina dysplasia was seen at a rate of 17.1% in the Akbash breed and 5.4% in the Kangal breed. The fact that all of these lesions, which presented typical fundoscopic appearance, were seen in females was interpreted as coincidental. It was of particular interest that these retinal dysplasias, which did not disrupt sight, occurred 3 times more in the Akbash breed compared to the Kangal breed.


Akbash, Kangal, Turkish Sheepdogs, multifocal retinal dyslasia, fundus

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