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This study was carried out to investigate the effects of hatching egg weight and length of egg storage period on hatchability and subsequent laying performance of quails. Eggs were collected from a quail flock (Coturnix coturnix Pharaoh) aged 17 weeks and classified into 4 groups on the basis of storage period 1, 3, 5, or 7 d. Prior to egg storage, the eggs in each group were further divided into egg weight treatment (small: 12.51 g). Hatchability of total and fertile eggs was affected significantly by hatching egg weight (P < 0.05) but was not affected significantly by the length of egg storage period. There was a decrease in egg production associated with increase in hatching egg weight. Egg production of quails hatched from stored eggs for 3 days was greater than the other groups. There was a significant interaction between hatching egg weight and length of egg storage for egg production. It was concluded that medium eggs can be hatched satisfactorily after 3 days storage for optimum egg production in quails.


Quail, egg weight, storage period, egg production traits

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