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Egg weight, shape index and hatching weight and interrelationship among these three traits have been studied in native Turkish geese with different coloured feathers (black, white, piebald and yellow). Means of the four feather colours for egg weights were 147, 150.49, 142.95, 150.88 g, for shape index 67.01, 66.19, 66.68, 67.12% and for hatching weight 94.99, 98.41, 92.95, 97.40 g, respectively. Egg weight and hatching weight showed significant differences according to feather colour (P < 0.05) but this difference has not been observed in shape index (P > 0.05). Egg weight was significantly correlated with hatching weight (72%) and also significant regression was found between egg weight and hatching weight (r^{2} = 0.51).

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