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In this study, it was aimed to examine the urinary system and to determine normal ultrasonographic appearance by rectal ultrasonography in Holstein cows. The study material consisted of 20 bladders, 20 urethras, and 20 right and 20 left kidneys, in 20 Holstein cows. A portable ultrasonograph combined with a 6 MHz linear rectal probe (transducer) was used for the examination. Bladder lumen was determined as an anechoic structure in the ventral aspect of the rectum and its wall was hyperechoic. By moving the probe caudally, the anechoic structure of the urethra was monitored. Right and left kidneys were examined after moving the probe cranio-dorsally. The lobular structure of the kidneys was determined in all cows. Cortex, medulla, renal parenchyma, renal sinus and medullar pyramids of kidneys were identified having different echogenic structures. It was concluded that rectal ultrasonographical examination can reliably be used to diagnose urinary system diseases in cows.


Ultrasonography, transrectal, urinary system, cattle, Holstein

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