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In this study Fe, Cu, Ni, Cr, Pb and Zn contents were determined in muscle, skin and gonads of two fish species (Mugil cephalus L. and Sparus aurata L.) caught at three stations in the İskenderun Bay of the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Heavy metal concentrations varied significantly depending on the type of the tissue, fish species, and location of stations. Generally, M. cephalus showed higher levels of metal concentrations than S. aurata in two of the stations in the inner bay; which might have resulted from the difference in foraging habits of the two species. Cu, Zn, Fe, Pb, Ni and Cr concentrations were found to be the highest in M. cephalus with 1.39, 47.25, 66.38, 10.02, 1.34 and 1.71 µg g^{-1} w. wt. in muscle, and 44.50, 269.06, 332.56, 90.97, 9.17 and 8.68 µg g^{-1} w. wt. in gonads, respectively. The least amount of contamination was found to be at the station in the opening of the bay. This station does not receive significant levels of effluents from the industrial and domestic sources in İskenderun city when compared to the other two stations.


Heavy metals accumulation, İskenderun Bay, Mugil cephalus, Sparus aurata

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