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The economic importance of lameness in dairy cattle has newly been recognized in Turkey. Lameness incidence in Turkey has been reported to be between 13% and 58%, which is similar to that of other countries where 4% and 55% incidence rates have been reported. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of sole lesions associated with subclinical laminitis in the hooves of dairy cattle in Van, Turkey. The risk factors for subclinical laminitis are proposed and discussed. The soles 205 selected dairy cattle were examined. The lesions were determined as solar hemorrhage (61.4%), yellow waxy discoloration (58.5%), heel erosion (23.9%) and white line separation (19%). The sole lesions in cattle were widespread both before and after calving; causative factors must always have been operative. In conclusion, it is thought that husbandry and management are more influential than nutrition in the prevalence of subclinical laminitis in Turkey.


Subclinic laminitis, lameness, dairy cattle

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