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Eleven slaughtered Holstein and 11 slaughtered Holstein x Anatolian black pregnant cows (10 female, 12 male fetuses) were studied. Gestational ages of the cattle ranged from 67 days to 245 days. The average ages for the first trimester and second trimester were 79.58 ± 3.04 and 113.89 ± 4.08 days, respectively. In this first attempt, 3 cultures failed and no metaphase could be obtained. In the rest of the cases 9 females with 60 XX and 10 males with 60 XY were obtained. In addition to normal metaphase plates, a high incidence of tetraploid plates belonging to normal fetus phenotypes was observed. There was no correlation between the gestational age and the number of metaphases obtained. No numerical or structural abnormality was observed in the chromosomes of the study group. The detection of the genetic sex of cattle is relatively easy, since medium-sized submetacentric chromosomes are XX and the small submetasentric chromosome is Y, and the rest of the autosomal chromosomes are acrocentric.


Chorionic villus sampling, cow, sex determination, chromosome abnormality

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