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Strongyle infection was detected in 68% of 320 horses from 9 farms in western Turkey. Egg counts per gram of faeces (EPG) were more than 950 in half of the animals. The persistent efficacy of 3 different anthelmintics to suppress cyathostome EPG was compared on a horse farm. One group of horses was treated with moxidectin on day 0, and the 2 other groups received pyrantel embonate or ivermectin on days 0 and 70. Pyrantel embonate reduced the EPG by >90% for 2 weeks; thereafter egg counts steadily increased. Ivermectin reduced the EPG by >98% for up to 6 weeks. In contrast, one treatment with moxidectin resulted in a persistent efficacy of >98% for at least 16 weeks.

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