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The aim of this study was to detect the seropositivity for Toxoplasma gondii in sheep in Şanlıurfa province using the Sabin-Feldman dye test. Serum samples collected from 300 sheep were tested for T. gondii. Serological examination revealed 167 (55.66%) sheep to be seropositive. Among these sera the numbers of seropositive samples at certain dilution steps were as follows: 65 at 1/16, 63 at 1/64, 27 at 1/256 and 12 at 1/1024. There was no significant correlation between seropositivity and the factors age, sex and breed. In conclusion, detection of a 34% seropositivity rate in 1/64 and higher dilutions indicates the clinical course of toxoplasmosis in the region.


Toxoplasma gondii, sheep, Sabin-Feldman dye test

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