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Bioaccumulation of some heavy metals (Cd, Fe, Zn and Cu) in fresh parts of 2 bivalvia species (Pinctada radiata Leach, 1814 and Brachidontes pharaonis Fischer, 1870) was examined in samples collected between May, 1999, and April, 2000, in Akkuyu Bay (İçel, Turkey). Heavy metal contents in soft bodies were measured by an atomic absorption spectrophometer. The means of the amounts of heavy metals with standard errors were estimated as follows: 0.0605 ± 0.00467 µgg^{-1} Cd, 2.8227 ± 0.24486 µgg^{-1} Fe, 0.2979 ± 0.02368 µgg^{-1} Zn, and 0.0355 ± 0.00303 µgg^{-1} Cu (wet weight) for B. pharaonis, but for P. radiata the means were 0.0058 ± 0.00034 µgg^{-1} Cd, 0.3682 ± 0.04252 µgg^{-1} Fe, 0.1579 ± 0.00628 µgg^{-1} Zn, and 0.0027 ± 0.00018 µgg^{-1} Cu. In a comparison of the means, the order of magnitude will be Fe, Zn, Cd and Cu for B. pharaonis, and Fe, Zn, Cu and Cd for P. radiata these results were below Turkish legal standards. Therefore, we may conclude that there is no heavy metal pollution in Akkuyu Bay.


Bivalvia, Pinctada radiata, Brachidontes pharaonis, heavy metal

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