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Ten male adult Wistar rats were used to obtain some measurements of the lymph nodes located in the head, neck, forelimb and hindlimb. The lymph nodes were marked by the injection of Evans Blue and were then dissected. In order to provide sufficient data for the morphometric properties of lymph nodes, the lymph nodes on each side were counted, and the longest and widest diameters of the lymph nodes were also measured. The mandibular lymph nodes were found to be higher in number in comparison with the other lymph nodes investigated. The largest was found in the axillary accessory lymph nodes. The differences between the longest and the widest diameters of ischiadic lymph nodes on the right and left sides were statistically significant (P < 0.05). In addition, it was observed that both cranial and caudal profound cervical nodes were inconstant.


Lymph node, rat, morphometry

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