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The effect of ultrasound treatment on milk homogenisation was studied. A microscope, equipped with a camera and ocular micrometer, was used to determine the diameters of fat globules and to evaluate the homogenisation efficiency of milk samples homogenised by using ultrasonic and conventional homogeniser. It was found that ultrasound treatment with high amplitude (power) had an important effect on milk homogenisation compared with conventional homogenisation. As exposure times and power levels increased, homogenisation efficiency also rose. The highest homogenisation efficiency and the smallest fat globule diameter were 3.22 and 0.725 µm at power level 100 (450 W) for 10 min, respectively. The fat globule diameters at a power level of 40 (180 W) for 10 min were similar to those of conventional homogenisation.


Ultrasound, homogenisation, fat globule

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