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A young dog was examined because of regurgitating at the time of weaning to solid food. The dog was thin, underweight and had a sparse hair coat and distended abdomen. The cervical oesophagus was palpable as a flaccid, air-filled tube in the neck. Cardiac murmurs were not detected on auscultation of the thorax. A test meal of dog food was given and the dog regurgitated masticated, nondigested food a few minutes after eating. Contrast radiography of the oesophagus revealed contrast material accumulating in the oesophagus at the thoracic inlet and cranial to the heart. During surgery, the dilated portion of the oesophagus cranial to the stricture, the right of the aortic arch and the ligamentum arteriosum, over the stricture area was apparent. After surgical correction, the long-term outcome after 9 months was excellent .


Persistent right aortic arch, dog.

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