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The aim of this study was to determine the quality changes of anchovy (Engraulis engrasicholus, L. 1758) and bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix, L. 1766) due to a multiple freezing-thawing process. The samples were stored in straphor plate at -30 ºC and thawed in a refrigerator (+4 ± 1 ºC, 16 h), microwave (180 W, 15 m) and in running water (+21 ± 1 ºC, 2h) for 15 day periods. Sensory, pH, total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) and trimethylamine nitrogen (TMA-N) analyses were performed. It was determined that the quality of samples thawed in water and a refrigerator decreased to the "spoiled" level after the 3th thawing process and the quality of samples thawed in a microwave spoiled after the 4th thawing process. However, consumption of the fish after the 1st thawing process is recommended.


Freezing, thawing, quality changes, anchovy, blue fish

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