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This study was carried out to determine the hatching traits of geese of different origins reared in Turkey. In the experiment, geese were selected from different regions of Turkey, (Kars-INRA), Isparta-Armutlu, Konya-Başkuyu and Konya-Tatlıcak); 20 female and 4 male 2-year-old geese were used. Egg production was 39.4, 13.0, 11.4 and 12.6 eggs/geese, and egg laying period was 133, 75, 60 and 73 days, respectively. There were statistically significant differences between the original egg weight and hatched chick weight (P < 0.01). Egg weight loss proportions during incubation for the experimental groups were 12.92, 11.44, 11.38 and 12.22%, respectively.


Goose, egg production, fertility rate, hatchability, egg weight loss

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