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Chromosome numbers and structures were investigated in (Tinca tinca L., 1758) of the family Cyprinidae. A solution of 1 ml/100 g of 0.1% colchicine was injected intramuscularly. Four hours later the fish were killed and the kidney and gills were removed and cytogenetic methods were applied. Metaphase chromosomes of the cells in these tissues were investigated numerically and morphologically. It was determined that the fish have 2n = 48 diploid chromosomes made up of 6 pairs of metacentric, 8 pairs of subtelocentric and 10 pairs of acrocentric. The average haploid chromosome length was 2.191 µ. The chromosomes were named and an idiogram was prepared according to the relative length of chromosomes and arm ratios as well as centromer indexes.


Tinca tinca, tench, chromosome, karyotype, Lake Mogan

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