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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the addition of 0.5% urea or 0.5% urea plus 4% (w/w) molasses into corn varieties (Rx-947, 33-94, Frassino, and Arifiye) harvested at the early-milk stage on silage quality, in vitro digestibility and digestible dry matter (DM) yield. The addition of urea into silage increased the CP content (P < 0,05). The neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber contents of the control silages were 69.40 and 38.68 for Rx-947, 69.34 and 38.69 for 33-94, 62.67 and 34.93 for Frassino, and 64.35 and 37.04 for Arifiye (P < 0,05). The addition of urea or urea plus molasses into silage increased the silage pH in all varieties, except for Rx-947 (P < 0,05). The lactic, acetic, propionic and butyric acid contents of the silage samples were between 23.2 and 153.3, 7.8 and 23.4, 0.6 and 1.6, and 0.0 and 0.54 g/kg DM, respectively. The addition of urea or urea and molasses into Rx-947 and Frassino varieties and the addition of urea only into the 33-94 variety increased silage lactic acid levels. The addition of urea and molasses into Rx-947, Frassino and Arifiye varieties also increased silage acetic acid levels (P < 0,05). There was a significant difference only between the Frassino and Arifiye varieties on this parameter (P < 0,05). The addition of urea only into silage decreased DM digestibility; the addition of molasses with urea, however, eliminated this negative effect of urea on digestibilit in all varieties, except for Frassino (P < 0,05). Digestible DM yields of untreated silage were 863.68, 1142.43, 1044.43, and 1075.07 kg/decare (10 decares = 1 hectare) for Rx-947, 33-94, Frassino and Arifiye, respectively (P < 0,05). The digestible DM yield of untreated Rx-947 silage was significantly lower than those of the others (P < 0,05). It can be concluded that corn varieties harvested at the early-milk stage (20% DM) can be ensiled, and that urea and molasses can be used as silage additive to increase CP and energy content of silages.


Corn silage, urea and molasses addition, in vitro digestibility

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