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In this study Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd contents were analysed in 3 molluscs (Octopus vulgaris, Sepia officinalis, Loligo vulgaris) and in one crustacean sample (Parapenaeus longirostris) caught in the Gulf of Antalya in January-March 2000. In molluscs, Cu content was determined to be between 1.82 and 6.22 mg/kg, and in crustacea, it was determined to be between 4.24 and 7.40 mg/kg. In the mollusc and crustacea specimens Zn content was 10.95-21.52 mg/kg and 11.73-14.27 mg/kg, respectively. Pb and Cd are the 2 most important heavy metals for human health. Pb content was 0.00-0.35 mg/kg and Cd content was 0.23-0.72 mg/kg in the soft bodies of the mollusc samples. Pb was not found in crustacea. However, the Cd content was between 0.26 and 0.28 mg/kg. The results showed that there was no serious hazard in the samples in terms of the heavy metals analysed.


Gulf of Antalya, mollusc, crustacea, heavy metal

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