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Karyotype analysis was performed in Chalcalburnus tarichi specimens by investigating the number and structures of their chromosomes. The fish used in this study were caught with fishing nets from Lake Van and taken to the laboratory. The fish were injected i.p. with 0.01 ml/g body weight doses of a 0.6% solution of a colchicine for 190 min. As a result of the metaphase investigation we determined that C. tarichi had 2n = 50 chromosomes. Their karyotypes were determined to be composed of 8 metacentric, 5 submetacentric and 12 acrocentric chromosome pairs. We were unable to identify any sex-related chromosomes in this species. C. tarichi chromosomes were treated with 5 restriction endonucleases stained with Giemsa and examined for banding patterns. The enzymes Alu I revealed banding patterns similar to the C-bands produced by treatment with barium hydroxide. The enzymes Hae III, Hinf I, Nhe I and Mbo I revealed banding patterns similar to those of G-bands. The restriction endonucleases markedly reduced the extent of Giemsa staining.


Cyprinidae, Chalcalburnus tarichi, karyotype, restriction endonucleases

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