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The aim of the present study was to determine the accumulation of cadmium in different tissues of Tilapia nilotica and to establish the influence of this accumulation on total protein levels in liver and kidney tissues. At the end of each experimental period; gill, liver and kidney tissues from the animals were dissected and their cadmium accumulation was determined using atomic absorbtion spectrophotometry. Liver and kidney tissues were homogenised to determine total protein levels. The protein contents of the tissue homogenates were determined by the Lowry method. Cadmium accumulation was higher in the gill, liver and kidney tissues. Cadmium primarily accumulated in liver tissue where metalloproteins (MT) are synthetised, while accumulation in kidney tissue exceeded the liver levels with increasing exposure periods. The total protein levels of the liver and kidney tissues rose with increasing cadmium accumulation. The cadmium accumulation and total protein levels decreased, however, on day 60 compared with the previous periods.


Cadmium, accumulation, Tilapia nilotica, total protein

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