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The egg production and incubation traits of native Turkish geese bred in the Kars region were examined in two separate trials. In the first trial, 100 female (70 one-year-old and 30 two-year-old) and 40 (two-year-old) male geese were used. The geese were divided into 20 groups. In each group there were five females and two males. Group feeding was used during the experiment. One-and 2-year-old geese laid 8.10 and 12.25 eggs/year, respectively. Egg weight, feed consumption, fertility rate, and hatching rate of 1- and 2-year-old geese were 128.85 and 148.15 g, 136.38 and 159.83 g/day, 42.54 and 47.25% and 9.38 and 29.73%, respectively. In the second trial, 827 eggs were collected from 28 different geese breeders in the Kars region. The same traits as in the first trial were also evaluated in these eggs. Egg weight, fertility rate and hatching rate were 144.20 g, 60.47% and 22.20%, respectively.


Goose, egg production, hatching properties, feed consumption

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