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In this study, findings of the qualities and quantities of commercial and trash catches from beach-seining in coastal waters of the Aegean Sea are presented. A total of 62 finfish and eight invertebrate taxa were identified in catches sampled during May, June, July and September 1996, with 42 taxa being retained and 28 taxa being genuine trash catches. The estimated total ratio of commercial to genuine trash catch (kg) was 1:0.273. The fish and invertebrate species caught from beach seine fishery were typical of those that inhabit coastal embayments in the Aegean Sea. Diplodus vulgaris, Diplodus annularis, Sarpa salpa, Pagellus erythrinus, Boops boops, Spicara flexuosa and Mullus barbatus species dominated finfish catch, whereas Loligo vulgaris, Octopus vulgaris and Eledone moschata species from Cephalopods dominated in the commercial catch. Serranus cabrilla, Chromis chromis, Raja mirelatus, Bothus podas, Crenilabrus tinca, Dasyatis pastinaca, Lepidotrigla cavillone, Raja clavata and Serranus scriba species dominated the finfish catch and Holothuria tubulosa from the class Holothuridea dominated and some Crustaceans (e.g. Squilla mantis, Palaemon sp.) in the genuine trash catch. The rate of trash fish was found to be 21% of the total catch. This proportion supports the continued prohibition on the use of beach-seining gear.


Beach-Seine, trash catches, Aegean Sea

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