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The objectives of this study were to compare some haemodynamic and clinical parameters and the analgesic, sedative effects of lidocaine and a lidocaine-meperidine combination for caudal epidural analgesia in mares. This study was performed on 12 thoroughbred mares aged 13-24 years. Time to onset of analgesia in the combination group (6.67 ± 0.42 min) was significantly (P < 0.01) lower than in the lidocaine group (12.17 ± 1.05 min). However, duration of analgesia was significantly (P < 0.001) longer for the combination group (162.67 ± 5.67 min) than for the lidocaine group (109.33 ± 3.29 min). Heart and respiratory rates, rectal temperature, pH, pO_2, pCO_2, HCO_3, BE, PCV, THb and O_2Hb values measured before and after administrations in both groups were not significantly different. In conclusion, the combination of lidocaine-meperidine produced analgesia of quicker onset and longer duration than did lidocaine administered alone for caudal epidural analgesia in mares.


Caudal epidural, lidocaine analgesia, meperidine, mare

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