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In this study, we aimed to investigate the regional profile of bovine and ovine Brucellosis in Burdur by isolating Brucella spp. in milk and by detecting antibodies to Brucellae in milk samples. For this purpose, 404 milk samples from 101 cows and 226 milk samples from 113 ewes located in 14 different areas of Burdur were collected. The samples were examined by bacteriological and serological methods. Brucella spp. were not isolated from the milk samples. Positive results by the milk ring test (MRT) were found in 12 (3%) cow milk samples and in 40 (17.7%) ewe milk samples. Seropositivity in cow and ewe milk samples by the whey agglutination test (Whey-AT) was detected in 9 (2.2%) and 31 (13.7%) milk samples, respectively. The rate of Brucellosis among the animals in the study was 1% in cows and 3.5% in ewes according to MRT and antibody titers detected in Whey-AT. In conclusion, it was considered that the regional rate of Brucellosis in ewes was higher than in cows, bacteriological and serological tests could give different results and the use of Whey-AT together with MRT could be useful in the diagnosis of Brucellosis.


Brucellosis, cow, sheep, milk, Burdur

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