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The effects of replacing corn in the diets of laying hens with 100% barley containing different enzymes as an energy source on different yields and egg quality traits were investigated in this study. A total of 300 laying hens (average 22 weeks of age) were used. The study was carried out with five groups, 2 controls (60% corn, 60% barley) and 3 experimental groups. Each group of 60 hens was also divided into six subgroups. Enzymes such as Betaglucanase (Allzyme BG), xylanase (Allzyme PT) and amylase (Allzyme AB) were separately added at a rate of 0.05% in the order of betaglucanase, betaglucanase + xylanase and betaglucanase + xylanase + amylase to each of the groups fed 60% barley. It was concluded that there were no significant differences among the groups in terms of live weight gain, feed consumption, egg yield, feed conversion efficiency or egg quality traits (egg weight, shell thickness and Haugh units) during the 135-day trial period.


Laying hens, barley, enzyme supplementation, egg yield, egg quality

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