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The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of autogenous, species-specific and herd-specific vaccination in the treatment of bovine papillomatosis. This study was performed on 24 female Holstein cattle aged between 8 and 17 months in the same herd. The animals were divided into three vaccination groups (eight cattle in each group) as autogenous, species-specific and herd-specific. A dose of 10 ml per animal was inoculated subcutaneously every 10 days, for a total of three times. The recovery status of the animals was checked for 3 months at 15-day intervals. In this study, all the animals fully recovered within 1.5-3 months in the species-specific group, and 1.5-2 months in the autogenous and herd-specific groups. In conclusion, all the vaccines were found to be successful against bovine papillomatosis. However, recovery in the autogenous and herd-specific vaccination groups occurred earlier than in the species-specific vaccination group.


Papillomatosis, vaccine, cattle

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