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This study was conducted to determine leptospirosis from aborted bovine fetuses. Tissue sections of the liver, lung, spleen and kidney were stained with avidin-biotin peroxidase complex, and antigen localization was examined. These examinations showed positive staining in eight (24.24%) out of 33 fetuses for the presence of leptospira antigens. In these eight cases, leptospira antigens were found in three lung (37.5%), two liver (25%), four kidney (50%) and four spleen (50%) samples. Microscopic studies demonstrated that leptospiral antigens were located in the interalveolar and interlobular septum of the lung; in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes and macrophages in the portal regions of the liver; and in the epithelial cells of the renal pelvis, tubular epithelium and macrophages in the intertubular region of the kidney. In the spleen, antigens were observed in the cytoplasma of macrophages. In conclusion, it was suggested that leptospirosis plays an important role in the etiology of bovine abortions.


Bovine, abortus, leptospirosis, immunoperoxidase

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