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This study aimed to examine the effects of different packaging methods on some quality criteria of marinated fish. The heads and bones of the fish studied were removed and the fish were filleted. Then they were placed in brine for marination. After that, the samples were divided into two groups, packaged in jars with vegetable oil or vacuum packed in polyethylene bags and then stored at +4 ±1 °C. Sensory, pH and total volatile basic nitrogene (TVB-N) analyses were performed every 15 days during storage. At the end of 120 days marinated fish (anchovy, horse mackerel, chub mackerel and sardine) packed in jars and polyethylene bags were determinated to have sensory analyses results of 3.2/2.6, 2.9/2.5, 3.2/3, 3.6/3.83, pH values of 3.85/3.88, 4.22/4.54, 4.00/4.05, 3.83/3.78 and TVB-N values of 12.29/21.09, 9.09/17.52, 13.81/15.69, 14.35/12.64 (mg/100 g), respectively. The shelf life of marinated fish was determinated to be 90 days for sensorial analyses and there was no significant difference between the packaging methods.


Fish, marinated, packaging

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