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In this study, the effects of different levels (0%, 8%, 16%, 23% and 32%) of Sorghum vulgare (0.7%) containing low tannen added to the rations of lambs in place of barley on live weight gain, concentrate consumption, feed efficiency, digestibility of total dry matter of feeds and wool quality in lambs were examined. Forty-five 2.5-month-old Akkaraman lambs were used in the study. The experiment lasted 56 days. The groups were fed 71% barley (control group), 62% barley + 8% sorghum (group 1), 53% barley + 16% sorghum (group 2), 48.3% barley + 23% sorghum (group 3), and 41% barley + 32% sorghum (group 4). The average final weights were 29.76, 32.62, 37.80, 38.24 and 37.72 kg, respectively in the groups. The average live weight in the control and group 1 was significantly lower than those of the other experimental groups (P < 0.05). The average daily live weight gains of the groups were 142, 199, 275, 273 and 262 g, respectively. The average final weight and daily live weight gain of the control group and group 1 were lower than those of the other experimental groups (P < 0.05). The average concentrate consumption of the groups was 873, 1184, 1484, 1417 and 1440 g, respectively. The average feed consumption per kg of live weight gain in the groups was 6.148, 5.950, 5.396, 5.190 and 5.496 kg, respectively. The digestibility rates of total dry matter in the groups were 62.18, 71.38, 68.09, 71.25 and 69.00%, respectively. There were significant differences between the groups in terms of digestibility rates (P < 0.05). The wool quality in samples obtained from the hip area was determined at the beginning and end of the study. In conclusion, the addition of sorghum low containing tannen to the concentrates at the rate of 16%, 23% and 32% has a positive effect on the live weight gain, feed consumption, feed efficiency and digestibility of total dry matter. Sorghum addition has no similar effect on wool quality.


Digestibility rate, fattening performance, lamb, Sorghum vulgare, wool quality

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