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Some fleece characteristics of Anatolian Merino, White Karaman and their crosses (F_1) with Ile de France ewes were compared to reveal the effects of these crossbreedings. The research material was fleece samples taken from the shoulder, ribs and thigh. Fiber diameter, fiber elasticity and strength and fiber real length were analysed by OFDA, FAFEGRAPH and USTER AL-100, respectively. Staple length and fiber natural length were measured with a ruler and clean wool ratios were calculated with a conditioning oven. As a result of the statistical analysis, it was found that crossing with Ile de France generally had no negative effects on the fleece characteristics of the Anatolian Merino, whereas a small improvement was observed in Ile de France x White Karaman (F_1) crosses.


Anatolian Merino, White Karaman, Ile de France, crossbred, fleece characteristics

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