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The aim of this study was to demonstrate normal duplex patterns of extra (aorta abdominalis, vena cava caudalis) and intraparenchymatous (vena porta, vena hepatica, renal interlober and splenic artery) vessels with color-coded duplex ultrasonography in healthy dogs. While the wave form of the intraparenchymatous vessels like the vena cava caudalis and hepatic vein were mainly affected by the pressure conditions of the intrathoracic and intraabdominal pressure changes due to respiration and cardiac pulsations, portal blood flow was not affected. The wave form of the aorta abdominalis was triphasic due to tissue resistance. It was biphasic in the renal interlober and splenic artery. The velocities of arterial vessels decreased from central to peripheral sites. As a result, every blood vessel had distinctive differences in view of flow features. For that reason, it was concluded that color-coded duplex sonography could be used to identify abdominal blood flow qualitatively and quantitively in dogs.


Color doppler, duplex, abdominal blood vessel, dog

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