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The clinical, laboratory, ultrasonographic and pathological characteristics of a poorly differentiated pancreatic carcinoma in a 6-year-old cat are described in this study. Clinical abnormalities included severe dehydration, icterus, and partial alopecia on the medial surface of the limbs and ventral abdomen. A nodular mass was detected on abdominal palpation. Ultrasonography of the abdomen revealed a hypoechoic mass including hyperechoic and anechoic areas in the pancreatic region, and several hypoechoic areas and dilatation of the biliary duct and gallbladder in the liver. During necropsy, numerous tumorous foci were found, principally in the liver and various lymph nodes. There were several foci in the diaphragm, intercostal surfaces and lungs. Histopathological examination revealed a poorly differentiated exocrine carcinoma of the pancreas and numerous visceral metastases.


Pancreatic carcinoma, alopecia, cat

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