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This study was conducted on sheep and goats to investigate theileriosis and tick infestations around Kayseri between August 1997 and October 1999. During this period a total of 300 small ruminants consisting of 250 sheep and 50 goats were microscopically examined for Theileria species. Blood smears were prepared from the punctured ear of each animal for microscopic examination. At the same time, ticks were collected from the animals. The smears were stained with 5% Giemsa's stain solution and then examined under microscope with oil immersion objective. Theileria sp. were detected in 46 (18.40% ) and 4 (8.00% ) of the 250 sheep and 50 goats, respectively. In the field, 80 (32.00% ) and 3 (6.00% ) of the sheep and goats, respectively, were infested with ixodid ticks. The collected adult ticks were identified as Rhipicephalus bursa, R. turanicus, R. sanguineus, Dermacentor niveus, Hyalomma marginatum, Haemaphysalis parva, Hae. sulcata and Hae. otophila, and the engorged nymphs were identified as Rhipicephalus spp.


Sheep, goats, theileriosis, ticks

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