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In this study, which was conducted to detect the critical control points and to investigate the direct and cross-contamination sources in white pickled cheese production, 21 control points were examined for aerobe mesophilic counts, staphylococcus-micrococcus, coagulase-positive staphylococcus, enterobacteriaceae, coliform bacteria, E. coli, enterococcus, yeast and mould counts. It was determined that the high microbiological load of raw milk affected the microbiological quality of pasteurized milk negatively, and that the production pipe-line after pasteurization, and equipment such as vats, plastic wraps, pressing cloths, starter culture and the hands of the workers, were direct contamination sources. In addition, the hands of workers and the water used in the facility played a role in direct and cross contamination, and the air in the facility was a critical control point for yeast and mould contamination.


White cheese, HACCP, Microbial contamination

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