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This study was carried out to investigate live weight, wool production and some body measurements of Karayaka and Bafra (Chios x Karyaka B_1) sheep. The Karayaka breed is raised in the Black Sea region, while the Sakız (Chios) breed is raised in the coastal areas of western Anatolia. The Bafra type was developed by crossing between Sakız and Karayaka for a female line to use in lamb production. The least squares means obtained for Karayaka and Bafra yearlings were determined to be 48.4 and 55.0 kg for live weight, 56.2 and 63.8 cm for wither height, 59.6 and 71.0 cm for body length, 91.9 and 96.5 cm for chest girth, 29.3 and 32.0 cm for chest depth and 22.7 and 21.2 cm for chest width, respectively. Corresponding means for breeding ewes were 51.1 and 61.3 kg, 58.6 and 67.4 cm, 58.6 and 70.8 cm, 93.9 and 99.9 cm, 30.3 and 32.5 cm, 23.1 and 21.9 cm, respectively. Wool characteristics of Karayaka and Bafra were 2.2 and 2.2 kg for greasy fleece weight, 39.1 and 35.9 \mum for fibre diameter, 24.8 and 22.6 cm for fibre length and 14.2 and 17.5 g for breaking strength. The results of the study showed that body weight, body measurements and wool characteristics of the Karayaka breed have been improved by using the Sakız breed.


Sheep, Karayaka, Bafra, Body Weight, Body Measurements, Wool Characteristics

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