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Quality changes in common guitarfish fillets vacuum packed and non-vacuum packed in polyethylene material were investigated during 6 months' cold storage at -18 ^oC. Total yield of the common guitar fish was around 65%. pH, TVB-N, crude protein, moisture, crude ash and fat were 6.50-6.82, 19.87-48.62 mg/100 g, 16.63-22.63%, 75.83-79.88%, 1.00-1.65% and 0.2-0.7%, respectively. Sensory analyses of fillets were carried out at 3 month intervals. The sensory analyses were performed by a trained panel and samples were presented to the panel after baking. The panel scored the samples by checking their appearance, smell, chewiness, aroma, moistness and overall palatability. Consequently all the samples were within the acceptibility limits at the end of 6 months' storage.


Common guitarfish, Rhinobatos rhinobatos, frozen storage, physical and chemical parameters, sensory assessment

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